Getting Started with PhonePad Welcome Quick Start Guide Installing PhonePad on your network. Add some users. Get connected in Remote Mode. This is for you PhonePad Admins out there. Get up to speed quickly. Install and setup MessageSender. Help


Thanks for dropping by.  This website is dedicated to helping

you get up and running with PhonePad as quickly as possible.

Tutorials to help you get up and running with PhonePad quickly.
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The videos on this website cover a range of tutorials including installing PhonePad on various types of networks, adding users, setting up Receptionist access, and more.  

There is also information on what to do once you have

PhonePad up and running, and hints and tips on getting the

most out of your new software.

If you would like to see a tutorial on a particular topic and can’t find it here, please let us know (support@cybercom- and we’ll see if we can get it added. If you are looking for the PhonePad home page, click here. If you haven’t already purchased PhonePad you can buy it here.
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